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Improve Battery Life on AMSv1 Sansa players

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I recently bought a used Sansa Fuze (v1), but was not really happy with a RB battery runtime of  10:25:17h.
On flyspray I found FS#11765 - "Improve Battery Life on AMSv1 Sansa players" and applied the latest patch "24.8-186MHz.patch", which gave me 18:20:26h.
As this patch was sitting there since 2010 without much comments - except for one complaint about SD issues- I rebased it and put it on gerrit for more people to try and give feedback:

A build for Sansa Fuze is here:

I have been using this for 2 weeks (just audio playback, radio; no plugins, video). I worked fine,  but I had two incidents on the last two days, i.e. mp3 playback (from sdcard) paused, then the UI became in-responsive and I had to hard reset.

This thread is intended to have more people try and test it and invite the AMS savvy to improve the code. I am not knowledgable in SoC programming myself ;-)

All the work has been done by Fred Bauer as can be seen in the FS ticket.

Here is the e200v2 build:

Would it be possible, that you guys could support fuze v1 with power management stuff in the future?

I would greatly appreciate it. You are probably busy, but yeah, I am hardly the only one who would vastly appreciate this. ;)

they share the same underlying chips so we did :)
Amognst other things to help..
choice of audio format
screen on time
extras running on the audio path (eq compressor etc)
screen fade
button lights
using ram (more ram free for audio data == longer idle time for processor)


Oh so its been done already?
Is it in the stable version yet?


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