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Improve Battery Life on AMSv1 Sansa players


I recently bought a used Sansa Fuze (v1), but was not really happy with a RB battery runtime of  10:25:17h.
On flyspray I found FS#11765 - "Improve Battery Life on AMSv1 Sansa players" and applied the latest patch "24.8-186MHz.patch", which gave me 18:20:26h.
As this patch was sitting there since 2010 without much comments - except for one complaint about SD issues- I rebased it and put it on gerrit for more people to try and give feedback:

A build for Sansa Fuze is here:

I have been using this for 2 weeks (just audio playback, radio; no plugins, video). I worked fine,  but I had two incidents on the last two days, i.e. mp3 playback (from sdcard) paused, then the UI became in-responsive and I had to hard reset.

This thread is intended to have more people try and test it and invite the AMS savvy to improve the code. I am not knowledgable in SoC programming myself ;-)

All the work has been done by Fred Bauer as can be seen in the FS ticket.

Here is the e200v2 build:


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