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No iriver_flash plugin displayed with the 'Open With' command

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Do any plugins at all work? Sounds like your install never finished copying or you deleted part of it.

I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Rockbox, using Rockbox Utility v1.4.0. I then copied the file bootloader.iriver to the .rockbox directory(one difference, now I see the rambox.iriver and rombox.iriver files, they weren't present before doing a fresh install). However, now when I long click on the bootloader.iriver file and try 'Open With' I get a message that says 'no viewers found'....

Are there any plugins listed under the "Plugins" item on the main menu?

No. Shouldn't they have been installed during the new install?

Yes, they should have been. Did you properly unmount and eject the player after installing Rockbox?


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