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No iriver_flash plugin displayed with the 'Open With' command

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I'm trying to change over from a hard drive to a CF card in my iHp 140, but have hit a roadblock. I've followed all the instructions so far to try to flash the version 7-pre4 bootloader, but when I 'Open With' the bootloader, iriver_flash isn't in the list of plugins. Can anyone help?


Looking at the code, the iriver_flash plugin works on .iriver files.  Is that what you are trying to open?

Yes. The file I'm trying to use iriver_flash on(if it would show up as a plugin) is bootloader.iriver.

This is the procedure I'm trying to follow, as cut and pasted from the Iriver firmware flashing direction:

    "Set "Show Files" to "All".
    Through the Files entry in the Rockbox menu, navigate to the .rockbox directory, enter it and scroll down to bootloader.iriver,
    Place cursor over bootloader.iriver and long press joystick, (navi), then select "Open with...".
    From the list of plugins, select iriver_flash and execute it.
    If the check requirements are met, a confirmation message is displayed,
    Press PLAY to confirm, the bootloading flashing starts, this usually takes a few seconds, don't touch your player during this process, as any interruption could brick the player
    If everything went fine, you should see, "Success" displayed briefly.
    Now you can either reboot your player and use it like before, or continue to the next section and flash Rockbox over the original firmware."

My problem is, when I try to 'Open With' on the bootloader.iriver file, iriver_flash isn't among the list of plugins displayed....

Seems to be a bug. CATEGORIES has iriver_flash installed under apps/, but viewers.config expects it to be in viewers/. For now try copying the iriver_flash.rock file from .rockbox/rocks/apps to .rockbox/rocks/viewers.


In my Rockbox installation, there is no apps directory in the .rockbox/rocks directory, in fact, there are no subdirectories at all in the .rockbox/rocks folder.

Judging from all the other people who have successfully flashed their Iriver ROMs, I'm wondering where I went wrong. Rockbox is working just fine on my iHP 140, so I'm assuming the installation must be correct. Very frustrating.


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