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jpeg filesize limitations

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Top knowledge! Thanks everyone!

vision_scientist, remember that the rockbox JPEG-Viewer is still limited in it's format.
Some (progressive?) JPEGs will not displayed -
you'll see the not very expressive error message "unsupported -4" instead :-[

BTW, is it somehow possible to resize the JPEGs to the screen size with the viewer?
I only see the center of my picture and have to scroll...
(and the backlight also switches off - even in slideshow mode)

you can only zoom in on the picture with the viewer (or at laest as far as I know) by pressing NAVI, but I don't think that you can zoom out

if you resize the picture on your computer to 1024X768 it should fit the screen perfectly and still be able to zoom in a ways

I have no idea how to fix the backlight......sorry

The resizing problem was my mistake - the viewer resizes the pictures to fit to the display on default.
If you press NAVI it resizes it to other standard sizes (800x600, ...)
So my fault was that I always pressed NAVI instead of Play...  ::)

But the problem with the backlight is really annoying when you use the slideshow to present some pictures to somebody else and this person is suddenly saying: "hey, your screen goes dark - what's going on"!

It would be nice if the viewer either automatically switches off the backlight handling and keeps it always on or that it presents a setting for this  :)


I've only had Rockbox on my iriver for a few months now and I can't say anything to the backlight issue except that it's a bit annoying and the only way to fix that I know if so far is to change it in the "General Settings".
As for Rockbox resizing pictures to fit the screen however: I have some photos on my iriver that appear considerably smaller than the screen at first and I have to press NAVI once just to get them as big as the screen. I have made these pictures smaller by reducing the size and resolution.
What could be the reason for the smaller appearance of these pictures?
Is there any chance of that backlight issue being resolved in one of the next builds?
Thank you!



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