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jpeg filesize limitations

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Those plugins have the ability to overwrite the backlight control.

All I'm saying is that it's not a bug for it NOT to have its own alternate behaviour. It may not be the most usable option, but because it follows the default behaviour, it's working as intended (however annoying) until the intent changes.

Who is able to "change the intent"?
The original author of the plugin?
Or the majority of core developers?
Or the majority of users?
Or Santa Claus?  :P

"until the intent changes" - that's nitpicking! >:(

Why must a simple change (I intentionally don't say "bugfix")
which makes an existing feature much more usable be
devaluated and brought back to "it's annoying but it
 works as intended"?

Would it help if I open a poll to change the behaviour or keep it?
Or if (as you said) "the intent changed"?
I doubt it, but who knows...

Sorry, but the whole discussion is really ridiculous in my eyes!  >:(

I never said the change itself is bad.

All I said was that it's not a bugfix. I definitely think this change should go into CVS. My ONLY point was that it's not a bugfix just because something seems annoying, if in reality the code is supposed to make it happen, and right now the code is supposed to make the backlight go off unless the plugin overrides it.

O.K. I did calm down now  ;)

Actually I don't care if it's called a bugfix or a feature/change request.
My only problem was, that in one case it could be included before 3.0
and in the other not (because of feature freeze).

But it seems that was only my problem - it has already been accepted :D

I figured this was the only way to end the discussion  :P


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