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jpeg filesize limitations

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About the backlight problem:
I wrote a bug report at the tracker and also created a patch which fixes the problem
and keeps the backlight always on when the JPEG plugin is active:

FS#5652 — Backlight switches off when in JPEG plugin

Enjoy - and tell me if it works for you ;)

About the picture sizes: the JPEG plugin chooses the nearest proportional size which fits the screen -
dependend on the original size the resized size could be a lot smaller than your screen size.
If you press navi it resizes it to sizes which are bigger that your screen.
Test it and try if you can scroll inside your picture by pressing on of the cursor keys after you pressed NAVI...


thats the real link ;)

drunk that early, Massa ? *shakes head* :D

Grrmbbblll!!!  >:(

I wrote url="http://..." and it generates url=http://"http://..." - weird  ???

And of course I'm not drunk - but it's so hot, it may be a heat stroke which makes me a bit mad :P  :-* ;)

Really, that should've been a feature request, not a bug report.

The backlight turning off when keys aren't pressed is of course, intended behaviour at the moment, so any request that it do otherwise would really be a feature request rather than a bug report.

A "bug" is only when things don't work the way the manual or documentation says they're supposed to.

Of course it's a bug - or are you able to view a picture slideshow when the backlight switches off?
Or do you want to tell me that for you that is correct behaviour? :o
Sorry - but that doesn't make sense at all for me (and I think for most other people, too).

BTW, the backlight is permanently switched on in a lot of plugins
(xobox, wormlet, video, tetrox, starfield, spacerocks, plasma, oscilloscope, grayscale, fire, demystify, credits, clock, brickmania)
So why not switch it permanently on in the JPEG plugin? ???

And if the manual explicitely says something like "the backlight will always switch off after the defined timeout" it's already wrong and I suggest to change the manual, too! ;)


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