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jpeg filesize limitations

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What is the maximum file size (in MB) of jpegs viewable by the H320 with rockbox?

I would check the wiki, but it is down and I need to know quickly (that is, before the eBay auction ends!).


Viewable while music is playing, or while it isn't?

Because Rockbox can view extremely large files if you allow it to stop the music and use the rest of the available memory.

vision_scientist:'s the maximum I'm after, i.e. without music playing, although knowing the numbers for both with and without music would be good too. Do you have the actual figures (I'm fortunate enough to have a camera that generates what I think of as extremely large images)?

i haven't found a maximum size and i have use reasonably big jpeg files shoot with Nikon D100.
it just takes a little more time to load and you are asked to stop music playback.

but if you have a 18Mpix Mamya or similar - there might be a limit. but i dont think so.

if i stop playback, i can load 8 megapixel pics, but it takes a long time


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