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I formatted my rockboxed ipod classic 6g

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I made an account just to respond here. I just - last few days - swapped out my ipod classic 160gb drive for a 512GB card. Installing rockbox I had literally exactly the same thing happening - stuck on either the bootloader screen or the panic whitescreen, and went round and round for 2-3 days trying different things (format drive, change size allocation etc etc.

I had to let you know, I found one of my original apple ipod cables, did the install from scratch - itunes recover, rockbox auto install and it worked. It was the fucking cable.

I was using a new one which works for charging and loaded everything onto the ipod but EVERYTIME I disconnected it I got the white screen of death.

Had to let you know brother.

Just had the same problem with rockbox installation on a 6g that was aborted late and then I got the white screen with PANIC Mount 0.
Solution is to MENU+SELECT and hold and don't let go even when the screen changes,just keep holding ... doing that with iTunes on, iTunes says ... it must check which version of iPod is and then it offers the 1.1.2 firmware and flashes it and it's okay.
So ... if you press MENU+SELECT and let go when the screen changes it prevents iTunes recognizing it and you get sweet.f.a ...
I used my normal apple cable probably the original one.
Thank God


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