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I finally got my Gigabeat F20 restored.


Hello, everyone!

I'm very glad to say that, after 12 years, I was finally able to restore my F20.
I found the original system folders inside a very old backup HDD.

If someone is still looking forward to restoring it, please let me know :D

Its been a decade since I did much with the gigabeat, but can't you used the dummy ones here for rockbox?

Or is there something you need the original for? 

I'm not sure. Actually I tried to use the dummy I found here, but I didn't worked. I had even bought a new HDD on aliexpress just for getting rockbox and nothing happened neither. I guess there was still some hidden folders that got replaced with the files I found.

Ah, the Gigabeat F.  "Old reliable".

I still have two functional players - one with a recent RB dev build, one vanilla.  F256 on the left!


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