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Rockbox for ipod 5g,5.5g,6g Battery capacity doesnt go high enough

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These days you can buy 3000 mah batteries for the ipods (as i have done) but the settings menu goes only to 1500 mah.   Relivant listing here

I really doubt that the capacity of this battery is true. The following website may not be the most reliable source for battery information, but this is a nice read:

Does anyone have long term operating experience with this battery or performed a battery benchmark test?

For the battery settings, the manual covers this quite nicely:

How would i go about doing a battery benchmark   I am in the process of running a test with the built in app for it (its at 5 percent now) i can upload it   when its finished

Yes, I was thinking of the built-in plugin. Fully charge the battery, set playback to repeat and start playing a long playlist or a big file and leave the player alone until there comes no sound out of the headphones anymore. I always use -40 db and a single mp3 with the size of about 120 MB.

More information:

There was a report of a expanded battery on head-fi, which makes these batteries more suspicious:

Would be nice, if you could report your setup and the results.

ill report now   leme upload   Its an iPod 5g with an iflash quad and the battey i linked above   Playing mp3 files all 320kbps   display off  with headphones up at -16db

Total of 63 hours until it somehow shut down  but the battery was not dead   it was at 5 percnt so close enough.  Thats more battery life than anyone could possably make use of in a single sitting


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