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How about HIFI E.T MA8 uninstall rockbox firmware


My music player is HIFI E.T MA8  and installed rockbox firmware,
I wanna to uninstall the rockbox firmware to reset the original system,
but i cannot find the method in the internet, have some god can teach me the uninstall method about HIFI E.T MA8?
Thanks a lot!

I had reference of
but the explanation is not Cleanly
Also, I had  Rockbox Utility installer, it cannot find the model of HIFI E.T MA8 and the rockbox list cannot find it.

sorry my eng is so bad, I hope you know what i say...


Did you see this link?

yup, I see, but I don't know the step of Flash the OF via RK27Upgrade?_Image.exe software how to do.
when I push the update button, it is not work. or the Win10 problem?

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Did you see this link?

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