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SANSA ClipZip Clip+ Fuze+ FuzeV2 Multiboot Bootloader and Firmware

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--- Quote --->Yes SD<0> and SD<1> are related to this patch, I'll have to see about the best way to hide them, not sure that enumerating everything in the root is the best idea as it could get pretty confusing but i'll try it

--- End quote ---

yeah as I suspected it has to be this way if you enumerate the root of the SD into the redirected folder and it has the same dir names its a crapshoot on which folder you actually get (last mounted overwrites the prior)

Fixed as of today Mar 06 2022

because of problems with the internal storage i use rockbox on sd as decribed.

but i have on question.
after using rockbox on sd i et two sd cards shown on the player
sd0: empty
sd1: my files

on the pc i only get one sd card: sd1 with my files

when  activate auto bookmark rockbox writes the bookmark.
but when i activate as start mode latest bookmarks he say: no bookmark found
manuel i ca find the latest bookmark (sd1)

is the problem that rockbox searches the bookmarks on sd0 and not on sd1 ? how can i solve this?

Could somebody please tell me what I'm missing with this?

I've got a clip zip with firmware version V01.01.20A and I've followed the instructions as I understand them:

- I downloaded a dev build and put that on my SD card (which is a Sandisk 16gb - fat32).
- I created the empty file as instructed with the proper name.

But when I switch it on it just boots straight into the sansa firmware.  Have I missed something?

Would really appreciate any help with this...

Thanks in advance!

Did you miss installing the bootloader?


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