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SANSA ClipZip Clip+ Fuze+ FuzeV2 Multiboot Bootloader and Firmware

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> you can also redirect the firmware to a different directory on the sdcard with Redirect file

It doesn't seem to work for me on my Sansa Clip Zip. I'm trying to load firmware (latest daily build) from /rbclipzip/.rockbox folder on my SD card.
On loading it gives me splashes "No .rockbox directory" then "Installation is incomplete" and then loads in failsafe mode.
Boot 9de8993af6

Boot data:
Bootdata RAW:
Boot Volume: <1
CRC: 1b6947cc
00: 01 00 00 00 00

If .rockbox is placed in root of SD Card everything works smoothly

Unfortunately I broke the patch that was supposed to do that functionality so it only works from the root of the card till I get back to it

I had problems getting my clip zip to boot from SD until I formatted it as Fat32.

Now it works great!


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