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Using XDuoo X3 While Charging in Rockbox Mode (XVortex Fork)



I recently received and Rockbox'd my X3 (loving it), and have found that the OF is usable while charging, but Rockbox is not. RB instead shows a 'USB Keypad Mode: Multimedia' screen with a picture of a USB while charging. Is there some option I'm missing that allows RB to be used while charging, or is it currently not supported? I'm using XVortex's fork.

Thanks in advance.

@Mods Please close this whole thread, or merge this post (or tell me to) with the original post, as I'm not sure if the 'answer' should be in its own post.

So it looks like I didn't search enough before posting - holding the 'Option' key when plugging in will allow this. Came across this page ( for the iPod that explains to hold the menu key when plugging in to allow normal function while charging.


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