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I read about the chip problem and it is definitely not that. I checked it and pushed on it and still the problem persists. My daughter did format the recovery partition and immediately after that it stopped working. I will read your instructions and give it another shot. I just assumed that the player would show up as a usb device after starting in manufacturing mode because the instructions said it would.

I am surprised someone has not made a step by step how-to YouTube video. It helps when you can see things being done.   

So I have done what you have written and this is what I am facing now. As you can see everything is in the download folder. Also, no internet connection is needed for this to work I hope because I have not installed the wireless drivers on Ubuntu as it is a pain in the you know what and I am unable to connect to ethernet.

OK, I think I know what's going on. That version of e200tool is built as a 32 bit shared binary, and your ubuntu setup is probably a 64 bit setup without all the compatibility stuff.
If that's the case, the version at should work, so try that one instead

Apart from needing the files I linked to in my previous post (and the new e200tool linked from here), you don't need anything from the outside world, so you don't need a network connection for any of this.

I really appreciate you hanging in there with me gevaerts, I am getting a little further with each try but now I have another issue. Everything goes smoothly until the very end. I copy the 2 files to the 16mb disk and they show up in that disk however when I eject the disk and restart the player I still have a black screen. While the disk was showing in Ubuntu I did have the "welcome to recovery mode" showing on the player.

Am I not unmounting the 16mb disk properly or is there another step I need to do. This is a more clear and uncropped shot of what is going on because of the size restrictions on attachments. The attachment is just of the terminal but the link shows the copied files.

I am a happy guy. I got it working thanks to your instructions gevaerts. The one thing I needed to do that I had neglected was to make the sansa.fmt file and place it on the disk. Once I did that everything worked. Again thank you very much for your help. I could not have done this without you. Cheers :)


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