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Sansa e260 (bricked)

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Hi, I'm new here and have some sansa e200's that I want to fix and really can't find anywhere else with up to date information so I figured posting in this thread would be my best best. I seem to have bricked a version 1 e260 by formatting the memory, it only shows a black screen with the wheel lit up, which as far as I can tell is manufacturer mode. I've been trying to use the e200tool in linux to get it back, but I can't seem to get the tool to work. I get to the point where I type in the command to recover BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom while holding the record button, but it just tells me that it doesn't exist or something. I've never used linux before, so I could be misunderstanding something, or maybe the newest version of Ubuntu won't run it, I have no idea. I've tried different versions of e200tool, the original one from daniel.haxx and the newer one from earlier in this thread, and neither seem to be any different. The image here is what I see after going through all the steps to open the directory where the tool is and execute it. I'm really baffled haha, any advice would be awesome. I really love these mp3 players and have other ones that I need to try and fix as well, but this was the most functional one and am bummed that I messed it up so bad.

The error message is saying it can't find libusb, probably because it isn't installed.  Try:  sudo apt-get install libusb-dev

Ok, thank you so much, I knew it would be something stupid like that, I just didn't understand what the error was telling me. I got it all working again!

Hello, not sure what I can do for my Sansa e260 v1. I accidentally formatted the wrong partition that Windows popped up & said needed to be.

I'm trying to fix it now since I have the time.

I followed instructions to fix the Sansa. I did put the correct files on to the 16MB partition. However, that didn't work, maybe due to not putting the Sansa.fmt file on there. So I attempted again, no luck. Ubuntu said that there wasn't enough space left on the 16MB partition for the all the correct files.

Now, I can't get into the 16MB partition anymore.

The e200 tool seems like its working, and the MP3 player says that I'm in recovery mode. But that partition just won't connect anymore.

Any ideas?

Thanks! =)


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