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A newbie here. I realize this has been covered many times however I cannot find many new or updated threads that contain links to the necessary files needed to repair my daughters bricked Sansa e260 v1 player, most links are old and not working.

The player had a recent Rockbox v1.4.0 installed and was working great until my daughter purposely or accidently formatted the recovery partition. Now the player displays the blue ring with a black screen and will not show up on Windows 10 when plugged in, even if you start it in recovery mode. Device manager recognizes the player as the tango media device but that is all.

I am an old fart and a bit of a dumbass on a computer so is there anyone who repairs these players or at the very least can give me the needed files or give me a working link with instructions. At this point, I would be more willing to pay someone to have it unbricked as I am worried I may screw it up even further.


Note that you will need to boot into Linux first, or possibly setup a VM with USB pass through.

Thanks but it is not working for me. I need to use the second method of putting the player in manufacturing mode by turning on hold/lock button + holding the select button and plugging in the usb cable. I tried several times and even altered the method but Ubuntu is not detecting a new usb device. In windows 10 the player gets detected in device manager as tango media but it never shows up as a usb device. While running Ubuntu if I plug in a flash drive it gets detected as a usb device, just not the Sansa.

If that is not enough there is the issue of running the e200tool do I need to put the files in a particular folder and just open terminal and insert the codes. There is also this... "You may need to make e200tool executable: for this type chmod +x e200tool".
I have no idea what I am doing in Ubuntu as I have never used this operating system.

I suspect none of it really matters if I cannot get Ubuntu to detect the player.

First of all, what do you mean by "if I cannot get Ubuntu to detect the player"? In  the state your player is in, it not showing up as a disk or an MTP device is expected

So in short (please read every step completely before starting)
* Start your ubuntu system.
* Download all files you need (,, I'm going to assume the files end up in your "Downloads" directory. If they're somewhere else, adjust what follows accordingly.
* If you're doing this in a virtual machine, also download the files in Windows. You may need them later on that side.
* Open a terminal
* Type "cd Downloads" (and press enter) to go to the Downloads directory in the terminal
* Type "chmod +x e200tool" and press enter (This tells the system that "e200tool" is an executable file, i.e. a program)
* Put the player in Manufacturing mode as described on the SansaE200Unbrick page (although the player may already be in this mode)
* Type "sudo ./e200tool recover BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom" and press enter. While doing this, press and hold the "record" button on the player until the player starts recovery mode (this will show something on the screen).
* When the player is in recovery mode, it will appear as a USB disk. If you're doing this from a virtual machine, the USB disk may appear in Windows instead of in Ubuntu. This is fine. Copy BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom and to that disk.  Do not do anything else with this disk. Do not copy other files to it, or format it, or anything. This is important!
* Safely unmount/remove the USB disk.

With some luck, this should have put the original firmware back. Especially the actual recovery may need a few tries to get all buttons pressed at the right time, but it should work. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them. Screenshots or exact transcripts of what's in the terminal may help.

By the way, are you sure the issue is that the recovery partition is corrupted? A fairly common issue with the e2x0 series is that when they get a shock (such as when they're dropped), the flash chip gets loose. If that's the case, remove the back of the player (there are four screws), and look for a square hole around 1cm across with black (or dark gray) dense foam under it. Press that down firmly. If it clicks into place, this was the issue and you should be all set again.


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