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Rockbox 3.14 released!

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I have 5 ipod classic gen 5 all with rockbox... After update to ver. Pi(3.14) nothing works like before... it works better. Thank you!

Great news!  Are the dev builds (specifically the SanDisk Sansa e200) using the 3.14 as the base?  They seem to use a different version number system.



--- Quote from: rgrounds on June 07, 2017, 12:53:53 PM ---Great news!  Are the dev builds (specifically the SanDisk Sansa e200) using the 3.14 as the base?  They seem to use a different version number system.

--- End quote ---

3.14 is a dev build from a month back. 

You're great guys !


I am a little late to the party but I just wanted to say thanks for the update as I just noticed this update not all that long ago.

my Sansa e250 is still my player of choice for general audio playback on the go. in June 2018, which is less than a year from now, it will be a full 10 years since i first bought it and i immediately put Rockbox on it and never looked back.

also, seems Opus @ 32kbps (i encoded some from FLAC source to 32kbps Opus v1.2.1 using Foobar2000 and it's encoder pack) is useable now but it does seem to be a bit sluggish (like not as responsive when skipping forward to next track or rewinding and letting go of rewind button before playback resumes etc) which i assume is because it uses more CPU than MP3 etc in general? ; even at those low bit rates with Opus. i generally use LAME v2 for my MP3 (ripped from FLAC source) as it seems like a safe setting (like no one would complain about it and won't need to be re-ripped at this point since MP3 has been mature for many years now) and file size is still reasonable to as i feel beyond that your probably best off going to a different lossy format (which potentially loses compatibility since, as we all know, MP3 is THE safest bet as everything plays it) or using FLAC.

I am curious if there is any battery life estimates with Opus 32kbps vs MP3 v2(?). but i will say Opus @ 32kbps is quite impressive overall as while you can hear the difference it's not all that much (it's actually usable for music), especially considering it uses very little storage space at 32kbps (it would have been nice if we could have had that back in the day when storage space was at a premium). basically that's Opus main advantage is decent sound quality at a very small file size as i feel once you start getting into that 96kbps range or so Opus loses it's appeal because it's not standardized and other formats like AAC can compete with it at those ranges. so it's more like Opus is solid with 64kbps or less (mostly less) for it to be worth using. but i will say in terms of speech you can lower that to like 14kbps setting (which yields 14-15kbps generally) and, while you can notice some drop off, it's not much and saves plenty of space vs what some speech MP3's i had which were around 75kbps. i tried 10kbps with Opus and while you could still tell what was being said the sound quality dropped off a bit too much for my liking to where it's not worth saving 4-5kbps per file for that much of a audio quality hit in speech files.

p.s. i did ABX tests on Opus vs FLAC (on my computers speakers (Klipsch ProMedia)). i think i even passed the ABX on Opus 96kbps setting (ill be 38 years old next month), but i did not test Opus beyond this. but even at 48-64kbps range, while i could pass the ABX(did it 16 times and i think it was like 15/16 on each of the tests i did. i was actually surprised i got 15 out of 16 on the 96kbps test as i was not even confident i was right when i made my choices(still unlikely i could have randomly guessed those, right?)), the overall sound quality was still solid to the point i could not complain as it does seem to noticeably clean up the overall sound by boosting bit rate a bit from say 32kbps to 48kbps etc. but in the end if i use Opus for music i figure i might as well get maximum advantage from that which is all about large space savings with passable sound quality. ill probably mostly use it on music i am not as concerned about high quality etc. if i never had that MicroSDHC upgrade slot in my Sansa e250 (which currently contains a 16GB card) then Opus would especially help to fit that much more music on it as 2GB is a bit limiting but 16-18GB surely is not. but i might re-rip a decent portion of my FLAC content to Opus 32kbps and store them on the 2GB internal storage in case by some slim chance my MicroSDHC card dies.


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