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build that doesn't crash/freeze

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Don't know what you go til it's gone... :o  I got my ass in gear and got myself set to make my own CVS builds.  (Even successfully applied some patches!)  I've been trying to figure this crashing problem out by trying different things to trigger it using a CVS build (no patches).  What I've found is that FLACs seem to play just fine, while the 192k vbr MP3s I'm playing seem to crash.  Various experiments with playback leads me to believe that there may be a memory/buffer problem.  I realize that this is far from being a groundbreaking technical observation on my part, but I've noticed crashes during playback of longer tracks.

Q1: Would adjusting the Anti-Skip Buffer help aleviate this buffer problem?

Q2: I'd like to sign up as an official 4G tester.  Who would I get in touch with to volunteer?

edit: I can't code anything, so instead of complaining, I figured I could at least offer up my services to help test.

Q1: Actually, the problem seems to relate to the act of un-boosting the CPU. At least that's the most likely cause. Check to see if when playing the FLAC files that work, your iPod is boosting or not. People have worked around the freeze by having their iPod remain boosted the whole time.

Q2: There is no official tester signup or anything, but your best bet is to go into the IRC channel and see if Linuxstb is around. Ask him if he has any ideas relating to the 4G freezes that seem to be related to CPU boosting, and if there are any tests you can run to help him track it down. Other devs might have ideas too, but I think he's the most likely to give you a good starting point.


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