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Help installing MIDI plugin for Xduoo x3 port? (XVortex's fork)



I'm an old time member, couldn't resurrect my ancient account because it was attached to an email address I shut down in 2007. Anyway, that doesn't matter much.

I got a Xduoo x3 as a gift and only fairly recently put Rockbox on it, and I'm fully aware it's a non official port  which has more or less been abandoned.

What I am most concerned with is a feature I used endlessly on the iPod and Sansa, the MIDI Module:

--- Quote ---To get MIDI file playback a patchset is required. This file contains the instruments required to synthesize the music. A sample patchset is available here, and needs to be extracted into the .rockbox directory in the root of your player so that you have a directory structure like such: /.rockbox/patchset/, with the patchset directory containing several .pat files and two .cfg files.
--- End quote ---

Would I be correct in assuming (hopefully) that the port has everything needed to install and run the MIDI plugin along after I install a patchset to go with it? If I need to compile anything to run this plugin, what would I need to do? His code for the X3 port is on github, so i can compile the whole thing if  i have to.

Mr. C & L

Hello, and welcome back!

A quick glance at the source for the port shows that it does include the source for the "midi" plugin and that it is enabled in the SUBDIRS file. This most likely means that it is included in the binaries provided.



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