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M:Robe 100 installation



the current installer lists the m:robe 100 installation as 'unstable' - and that is my experience of it. After installation, the device reboots quite regularly.

However, the rockbox home page lists the Olympus m:robe 100 as one of the devices for which there is a stable build.

Is there a stable build still available for the m:robe 100 ?



Yes, 3.13 was released for the M:robe.

I'm surprised there are any stability problems though.  The Mrobe is a PP5020 device, which are very well supported.

Hi Saratoga, thanks for getting back to me.

All I can tell you is that the installer lists the current build for the m:robe 100 as 'unstable'. version f2da975-161108. I'm using the installer for the Mac.

And unstable it seems to be! My m:robe reboots every time I use it. It was stable with the original firmware, so I don't think the device is faulty.


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