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is it possible or better can anyone make a program that let the recordbutton acts llike the favourite button on a nokia mobile.
so that you can choose what ever you want from the menu (e.g. lcd brigthness or favourite plugins) and put it in a seperat menu which you can reach with the recordbutton(maybe on long press so that short press iss still for playlist)

further i would like to know if the h300 can be only powered by usb without any charging while it is connected with the computer (like a 2,5" removable hard disk)

You mean like this?:

i know this patch but there a only one option for one press.
i thought on something like the menu on long pressing the navi button but customizable.
even like the nokia favourite button

Oh...I see what you mean....of course it's've just got to code it! :)

if i could............ :-\   (ja man this was the answer i expected 8))


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