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Sansa e280v2: no playback on 3.13 Stable

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Hi! I just got a Sandisk Sansa e280 v2, and I installed the Rockbox 3.13 stable build on it. For some reason it refuses to play my mp3-files - I can navigate to them, select them, the playback screen appears for the selected file, but it just will not play. Pressing the play button changes the play icon to the pause icon and vice versa, but there is no actual playback, it stays stuck at 0:00. Pressing fast forward will make the timer move ahead as it should, but as soon as I stop pressing it jumps back to 0:00 and no playback. I uninstalled and reinstalled, no change.

Even more strange to me: I have now instead installed the current dev build 2a2800b, and it plays fine. So stick to the dev build, I guess, but I do like the "load-to-RAM" feature of the 3.13 database (I have 170GB of mp3 files on my card, the database is very sluggish when not running from RAM).

Is this issue familiar to anyone? I tried Google and I searched the forum, to no avail.

I stumble upon a similar issue with the latest build - there are a number of mp3 files that just refuse to play. I would imagine it is up to the codecs, as my Shanling would play them with no issues.
Any plans on updating these?
I can upload some of these mp3s for reference.

Definitely link a file if you have one.

Thanks for the quick reply, Saratoga!
None of these files would play in my Sansa Clip Zip running Rockbox 3.15. The screen shows all file info, the timer stays at 0:00 and there's no playback. If I try fast-forwarding them, it just skips to the next track, where the same happens.
They have been downloaded from a DJ pool and run with no problems on my Shangling Q1 and all the music software on my PC (Winamp, Virtual DJ, Serato, Rekordbox)
Thanks in advance!

Those files have enormous album art in them (bigger than the RAM on your player), which is not going to work well.  Updating your build should hopefully prevent playback from stopping since I put in a check for files with impossible to parse album art a few years back, but you still won't be able to decode the files (they should just be skipped).


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