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Presets EQ settings (Dance, Rock, Loudness, Clear Voice, Dance, Disco, etc)

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Are those just the old presets we deleted because they didn't make sense in the new EQ?  If so, you should probably update them before posting them on the wiki. 

As I mentioned above, I never use the EQ, so I don't know anything about 5 band, 10 band and what will work and what will not. The configs are from a build from 2013. So if you say they don't make sense with the new EQ I better delete them from the wiki because I have no idea how to update them. Sorry for the confusion.

There are/were a large set of presets posted on the head-fi thread.  Sadly the person who made and posted them got upset at a lack of response and dropped off the site (not sure if its fair to give his user name, seeing as he left the thread in what seemed to be an annoyed state, but, er, think Simpson's characters).  Not sure if the links are still active on that thread but the set seemed pretty comprehensive.

I didn't respond to the guy myself as though I downloaded them I never got round to actually using them as I guess I'm not really that fussy about audio...the standard 'bass and treble boost' of rockbox has generally been sufficient for me (how does that feature relate to the EQ settings?  Are they in effect just simple EQ presets themselves or are they something different?)

But having just finally tried them they do at least have some sort of effect and don't seem to do anything bad (I really don't have the ears to appreciate such things, though).

Edit, I misremembered, its not Disco Stu!

Actually, he still seems to be there, maybe I imagined his 'annoyed' post.

The simple bass and treble toggles can be thought of as a dumbed down interface to the low and high shelf filters in the EQ, there's technical differences, but on the whole I'm comfortable with this explanation.

As for the giant pack of presets, the small handful I checked are wildly inefficient. Unless you have some very specific levelling requirements, just use the bass and treble modifiers to colour the sound to your preference. Expanding the bands to 10 (from 5) and making the precision finer was more about giving people an easier starting point for levelling. It wasn't ever intended that Joe User should be using all 10 available bands, though early on I did give people this opportunity by way of including a full set of presets that I may or may not have ripped directly from a certain fruit named company.

...but, that came with its own issues. I didn't actually bother converting the EQ profiles to make use of a full parametric EQ (seems to be the same lazy path the massive preset pack guy took with the presets I viewed from his set), and many of them could replicate the same curve in full in 3~6 bands. So they were operating on all ten bands which is massively inefficient. Without wanting to add the required magic to add or remove presets based on device detection, the simple answer was to remove them all, though the intention was to add them back in after converting them for use with a full parametric EQ instead of a "dumb" pure gain based EQ.



--- Quote from: cereal_killer on September 24, 2016, 06:11:31 AM ---I still have those presets from an old build on my disk. I uploaded the zipped eqs folder which contains Acoustic.cfg, Bass.cfg etc. which should work on every build as they are *.cfg files right? But I can not tell whats the point with 10 band eq and 5 band as this has changed some time ago. I don't use the eq at all, but if it is helpful, here it is:


--- End quote ---

Hi guys,

Is this presets pack gone? Can I download it from somewhere?



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