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Presets EQ settings (Dance, Rock, Loudness, Clear Voice, Dance, Disco, etc)

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Dear developers,

I have notice that on equalizer settings, there's a setting that we can load equalizer presets, and it directs to a folder, but it's empty.

Is it possible to add some equalizer presets so we could choose between as per example "Rock, POP, Classic, Loudness, Clear Voice, Dance, Disco, Live, etc".like some hifi stereos normally have.

Already discussed with Saratoga, who also thinks is a good idea on another thread but this one is more appropriate for new features.


I still have those presets from an old build on my disk. I uploaded the zipped eqs folder which contains Acoustic.cfg, Bass.cfg etc. which should work on every build as they are *.cfg files right? But I can not tell whats the point with 10 band eq and 5 band as this has changed some time ago. I don't use the eq at all, but if it is helpful, here it is:


Thanks Cereal_killer, you solution is even better for what I was looking for, excellent job. Thanks a lot

If any of you guys can modify the wiki. you could add that zip file to this page, I would do it right now, but I forgot my wiki login information cuz its been so long.



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