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SD Card mod X5


i want to use a SD-Card through a CF Card adapter through a CF to ATA adapter, but its very strange this doesn't work.
(actually i want to use a micro sd with another adapter...)

Do you know any help? Always get the error ATA -32.
Original Firmware gives HDD error.

I do not have a CF card to test, sadly.
I copied the content of the original HDD with dd to the new SD, but no success. USB mode is also not working.

Would be great to get any feedback!


Hello zackdvd,

yes, flash mods for DAPs are sometimes tricky. There is a nice guide for a SD/CF mod here: The MBR or the formatting of the card might be the problem.

I also plan to change the HDD of my X5L. The CF-to-IDE adapter route is known to work, but I am curious if the iFlash adapters might work too. You'll need a ZIF to 50 pin adapter for that. Don't know if the iFlash adapters are any good though.

By the way: How many GB does your card have? If you want to use dual boot, the file limit of the Cowon firmware might be a killjoy.



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