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How to install rockbox to fuze +?


Hi, how do I install rockbox to the fuze + manually?
What files do I need? I tried installing it manually, and nothing happened. It still boots to the main of firmware, and not rockbox.


As far as I know these should work.  If they don't, let us know.

Hello, it seems that someone deleted mkimxboot.exe from your server, so it's not possible to patch the bootloader & of firmware with it. I get an error not found. I tried using the mkamsboot.exe, but it says model fuze+ is unknown.

I found mkimxboot.exe from the following link:

I'm not sure if this is the correct official rockbox program or not though.

Information: mkimxboot.exe size: 120kb (123,215 bytes) Size on disk: 124kb (126,976 bytes)

I ran the program & it gave me an encrypted sha-1 & file sha-1 Ok. Then result: 0


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