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I'm at my wits end!!!


I have a Cowon D2 player, and I have Windows 10, I have been trying to put Rockbox on my player ever since I read about it while I was looking for a theme that I used to have. I'm running 3.59 firmware, if that matters. I downloaded all the downloads that I could to try and get Rockbox to run on my player. I tried the automated way, and the Utility just crashed. I tried manually doing it but I am stuck on knowing what an mktccboot is and how to find it so I can patch the files together. As I said in my subject, I am truly at my wits end. I've read a lot of cool things about Rockbox, I just hope that someone can help me to understand how to patch those two files together and what is mktccboot. I am very with it on computer terms but I've never heard mktccboot before I started messing around with Rockbox. I am a man so it is like chewing on sharp knives to ask for help, so I beg of you don't tell my wife. ;)

Never Mind, I got it. I was trying to use my internal memory instead of an SD card. Great tool for my Cowon D2. I love it.


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