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GGC5 ARM Builds and Codec Benchmarks


This topic is mainly meant as an info dump for developers. Interested users can test these builds with daily use, benchmark codecs on their devices and report the results.
I have no plans on attempting to debug any issues related to the new toolchain or benchmarking further. Again, this topic is mostly meant as an info dump.

I've been using a custom GCC5 build on my Clip+ without issues for normal use. The only major regression so far is decoding APE files compressed with c3000 and lower compression.

The codec optimization patch simply changes all -O1 to -O2 for ARM. I did not benchmark other flags nor did I benchmark codecs that Rockbox doesn't provide sample files for.
libffmpegFLAC and libmad were tested at -O1, -Os, -O2 and -O3. libffmpegFLAC was changed from -O2 to -O3 along with libmad from -O1 to -O2 due to small gains.

I know little to nothing about GCC so I'm not sure if the multilibs changes need to be updated nor do I know if it's still necessary to be as aggressive with -fno-exceptions.


  All builds are based on 18fecd9 and include test plugins.
  If your ARM device is not listed, you can post a request and I'll upload a build.

Decoder benchmarks (there's multiple files in the gists):
  Clip+ (AMSv2) GCC4.4 vs GCC5:
  Clip+ (AMSv2) GCC4.4 vs GCC5 vs GCC5 w/ optimized codecs:

Per codec optimization flag benchmarks on Clip+:
  APE Tests
  FLAC Tests
  MP3 Tests


Toolchain information:
  Using the Arch Linux arm-none-eabi toolchain:
      arm-none-eabi-newlib  2.4.0-1
      arm-none-eabi-binutils  2.26-1
      arm-none-eabi-gcc  5.3.0-1 w/ rockbox-multilibs-noexceptions.patch & GCC5-20160419 snapshot


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