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Firmware support for ruizu x02


Dear fellow rockbox forum members,

I just want to make this short and quick. There have been many buyers, and I mean MANY, including me, of the ruizu x02 mp3 player and the ruizu x06. I believe that it deserves a better firmware, as it really lacks a lot of features, and rockbox may be able to fix that. It would be to have even a dev build, even if it was unstable, as long as it was usable.


Mihail Zenkov:
You right, but port to ruizu x02 impossible - we need more ram for this. But probably we will do port for new ruizu if it provide more ram and if we will be have datasheets.

Ruizu x02 digital music player review and tear down

ATJ2127 UPGRADE.HEX decryption

PFB29-12AL Flash

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snipey 发表于 2023-8-16 03:42

Question for chip support
Is there any support for the following chip? If not, is it possible for me to add the chip manually some how?

It appears to be by spektek; here were the product specs I found.

It is a 16GB SD card with two of these chips and a microcontroller (So 2x8GB cards).

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A strategy to emulate NOR flash with NAND flash
This paper quotes "Spectek. 2007. FNNM40A 16Gb NAND Flash memory data sheet."

Ruizu X02 Partial Disassembly and Notes

ATJ2127 SoC looks like that RAM is integrated into MCU.

This US212A manual 298 page memory map in github page shows.

And the manual says that there is 512KB VRAM(flash memory) room can be allocated for all program.

US212A is Windows version toolkit of UCOS II OS for ATJ212x Soc.

So there is no sufficient room for Rockbox OS.


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