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[320x240x24] Xhibition theme for the iPod Video

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Hey, mind doing me a solid and sending it to me? I plan to use this theme when I install rockbox after replacing my battery and if you fixed the issues you described, I'd love to have the edited version. It would be greatly appreciated!

I love the theme so far, thank you!

Hello LegoFarmer,

I hope I did this in a clean way and maybe someone can do this better, but see the attachment for the result.

Replace the "" and "xhibition.wps" with the files below.

All credits and big ups go to jdotfite.



Nice. I didn't think to test hour long track times. The viewports were probably a bit too small and cutting off the time.  I wonder if I can submit updated files and officially update the theme?

The volume goes from 0-100 (not 74) and then max when it hits the DB + range.  I have always wished rockbox displayed a more "normal" volume number like most players.  Curious why people like the db output numbers?  Maybe I am missing something.

Ya, any album art over 320x320 will display nicely, I was just commenting that resizing down to 320x320 in photoshop, for example, will yield a better quality image on your iPod and give you smaller files and faster load time.  I am probably being picky, but if you compare two images of the same at 500x500 vs resized in PS to 320x320 and loaded in rockbox, there is a difference in sharpness.

If anyone else finds any other issues, please let me know and I will add them to the update.

How can I change the volume bar color? I'd love to change the orange and experiment with other colors.
EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out!


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