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[320x240x24] Xhibition theme for the iPod Video

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2 years ago I released a theme called redux for the iPod video.  I left for awhile, but I am back again and I have spent the last month working on a new theme.  I wanted to create something very polished and simplistic and treat it as a display and less like a fake touch screen. I managed to get full screen, 320px width artwork working after a bunch of fiddling and db volume has been converted to more normal output number. 


Hope you guys enjoy it and thanks to everyone who voted for redux.  Looks like it hit 100 votes this week!  Feedback always appreciated.  Convert your artwork down to 320x320 for the sharpest output.


Slow around here these days..  :'(

Just so you know, it is not totally dead. Thanks for the theme, i converted it for my sansa e200 because i liked the looks of it. Thanks again :)


Hello jdotfite,

I tried your Theme and I like it a lot. I have no problems with my 500x500px album art. Looks good. I like the volume bar only be shown when changing the volume. But I'd like to have the volume numbers on top shown as rockbox does by default. I don't like the volume being shown from 0 to 74(?). With long files (more than 1 hour of playtime), the time left on the right side of the screen doesn't fit. I hope I explained it right. How can I change these things?

Thanks for your theme.


It took me some time, but I finally made the changes I wanted. I am happy now.

Thanks again for this great theme jdotfite.




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