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Installing rockbox on HiFiMAN HM-603 Slim - boot hangs

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Firmware was taken from the rockbox wiki page for hifiman port:
There's a newer version:, but the one above works fine.

I assume one could pick up knowledge about rkw format from the rkw-loader code, and memory map from the rk27xx header(?), but I've got no idea where to look for the DRAM init in the code and how it should look apart from probably being somewhere in the beginning.

PS: I've found something rk2706 SDKish on some chinese forum ('ish because I obviously don't know chinese). It has some sources for something something including hw_memmap.h for that matter.

Quick look at V0.06 and V0.07 shows no difference in DRAM init routine. I don't have the hardware so I can only guide you where to look.


--- Quote from: wodz on March 12, 2016, 08:37:01 AM ---we relay on init performed by original first stage bootloader and don't touch it.

--- End quote ---

That's not quite true,  we tweak sdram settings in sytem_init() a little bit:

void system_init(void)
    /* SDRAM tweaks */
    MCSDR_MODE = (2<<4)|3;         /* CAS=2, burst=8 */
    MCSDR_T_REF = (125*100) >> 3;  /* 125/8 = 15.625 autorefresh interval */
    MCSDR_T_RFC = (64*100) / 1000; /* autorefresh period */
    MCSDR_T_RP = 1;                /* precharge period */
    MCSDR_T_RCD = 1;               /* active to RD/WR delay */

Although these tweaks looks correct, I think it worth to try without these lines.

I was contacted by another person having the same problem via email

--- Quote ---Hello!
My name is Eugene and I found your account on Rockbox forums while trying to install Rockbox firmware on HM-603. Yeah, it's a really old stuff and your wrote there a years ago, but the problem is still actual.
It seems that my HM has the same problem with a wrong display type so there is a white screen after loading Rockbox. Here you wrote that you reconfigure the script and successfully built a 4MB build. As I understand, it works well and you could install Rockbox firmware on your HM-603, right? Could you please share configured build in this case? That topic on rockbox forum was literally the only one possible solution of problem that I found.
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately there's no contact information to get to the person in question (email address is the rockbox noreply robot), I'm posting it here hoping we can get in touch somehow.

So, it was a long time ago, and I kinda forgor what I did, and I don't have the device at hand right now

BUT I searched around a bit and have found

1) with build instructions
2) Rockbox 3.13 sources in my downloads folder.
3) Several built images dated 2016.03.07. It's possible there were other, later images, deleted during some cleanup. There's no image dated march 8 or 9 (that being said, posting time can be an artifact of a holiday). Some of those might be the one you need. Or might be not.
4) I can get to the device by the weekend, but I'm not sure of its current state (haven't used it for a couple of years because mechanical damage, but should be alive unless SD card died to bitrot).

I skimmed through the ./tools/ script, and it seems this is the default settings for the HM-603 build target (via --target= option)

--- Quote ---  190|hifimanhm60x)
    tool="$rootdir/tools/scramble -rkw -modelnum=79"
    bmp2rb_mono="$rootdir/tools/bmp2rb -f 0"
    bmp2rb_native="$rootdir/tools/bmp2rb -f 4"
    # toolset is the tools within the tools directory that we build for
    # this particular target.
    # architecture, manufacturer and model for the target-tree build
--- End quote ---

As you can see, the default memory size is 16mb

You can change the configure script directly to set the ram size to whatever might work (4mb in my case)

Or there is --ram= configure option that most likely achieves the same result.

So our options are

1) Try to build the image yourself with the instructions provided in the git repo. The preferable way because you can get the latest and greatest version that is not outdated by 10 years and doesn't contain any extra malware introduced by yours truly.
2) Wait until caturday when I can get to the thingy and try to get the working firmware off the SD card. Assuming it's still alive.
3) I can just throw random firmware files at you, starting with the latest built, and we'll pray one of them will work.

2 and 3 are bad options because where's guarantee I won't give you an infected firmware that will randomly shuffle your collection ID3 tags (of course it will be a timebomb that activates a month later).

Anyway, if we are to move anywhere with this, some way to contact each other would be useful.

EDIT: I are retardenings. I confused original firmware images with teh rockbox builds. I found an actual build directory with several built rockbox images, including the definitely specified 4mb and 8mb ones.

EDIT2: I have the device, but it lacks the SD card with the software. So I can either give you whatever builds I've found or try building one from scratch.

It was me who sent you email. Great thanks for your detailed answer! And excuse me for long response, I tried to create operable Rockbox build follow your advices and rockbox's instructions, but I failed.

As I understood from Github instruction, the build must be created at Linux, so the first my attempt was to use Ubuntu app from Microsoft store.
Using this instructions I installed dependencies and built the cross compiler (at the point with selecting the compiler I chose ARM because of line t_cpu="arm" in hifimanhm60x section in, then built simulator (tried both versions of SDL - 2.30 which is the newest and 1.2 which is mentioned in instructions). I created some Rockbox builds with different memory (2, 4, 8 and default 16), editing; platform always was Normal (N).
All this builds weren't working; attempts to load them on sd-card with further reboot lead to F/W data error ID: 2 (screenshot in attachments).

I thought that reason could be wrong dependencies installation (versions or something) or building process, so I found already prepared Ubuntu image here (second link is still alive) and download it.
There I tried only configure and make scripts from, but they even weren't finished (another screenshot in attachments).

So at the moment I have no idea what should I try to create working Rockbox build


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