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Installing rockbox on HiFiMAN HM-603 Slim - boot hangs

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I don't think I've run into that problem, but I assume F/W means firmware? Maybe something went wrong not with rockbox, but with the firmware or bootloader? Can you boot the original firmware? When does the loading get stuck?

Here's a 4mb build I assume I had:

I'm not 100% sure it's the one I used, but it's the most likely one.

I'll probably try getting my device back to work again to see how if and how it works sometime during the weekend, and maybe just give you an archive of the whole filesystem if it manages to run properly.

As for being unable to build it, maybe try building an older version? Like 3.13 or something. I assume VM method being obsolete might mean it can't build newer versions


This is a bunch of stuff I used to reanimate my device.

It contains the .rockbox folder that goes to SD card (i used 32GB kingston, FAT32) with BASE.RKW from 007 firmware and a modified 007 image with bootloader installed that goes to internal storage.

I hope you didn't bork the loader (because it looks like it's your case - the rockbox bootloader starts with some white text on black background) and it can load from the card. Because idunno how to access internal storage without the OG firmware working. I heard there's a way to flash it with some rokchip SDK, but that's a question to mortalis.

EDIT2: in case you are truly bricked, here's some findings Particularly, post 11. Unfortunately all the links to the tools are dead, but at least it's some direction to dig towards. Only try it if you truly bricked it.

Well, it seems that I really bricked my HM.
Now it is restarting all the time after power on (with message F/W data error ID: 2) - the message appears, HM turns off, then turns on, message appears, turns off... And, what is worse, this happens after connecting it to PC, because this is the reason it couldn't be recognized as USB storage - HM reboot breaks connection and I can't even select it in DISKPART or cmd to format. And there is no difference is SD card plugged in HM or not; as I understand, this is fail of initial loading, not updating.

By the way, when this message appears after my attempts to install Rockbox that were built by myself, there wasn't endless reloading - after first message HM was loading with original firmware (HM-603 v.007) and modified HM-603.img was deleted from internal flash, so I had to put it again before new attempt.

I read somewhere that it is possible to close the contacts on Samsung chip on inner plate and somwhen it could help, so I'll try to find out more about. Otherwise it seems that I have to find the donor or buy the whole player.

Anyway, I'll keep your builds and I'll try use them in case successfull repair of my HM. Thanks a lot for your attention and shared builds!
Hope that I'll update here soon with a good news


--- Quote ---I read somewhere that it is possible to close the contacts on Samsung chip on inner plate and somwhen it could help, so I'll try to find out more about. Otherwise it seems that I have to find the donor or buy the whole player.
--- End quote ---

Read the link above. Apparently you need a special flasher, a set of relevant drivers (probably on some old version of windows) and shorting 2 pins on the memory chip. I don't have the flasher and the drivers unfortunately though.

Aaand its finally done!
Following the steps in your link I restored HM even without tools archive; after closing 5th and 6th contacts HM was successfully recognized in explorer (windows 10 Home, assembly 19045.4291). After that I reformated the storage in FAT32 and put original HM-603.img into internal storage. That's all, on the next powering on HM successfully loaded original firmware.
Then I use your working rockbox for (2nd link on and it was finally installed.
Thanks a lot! I really surprised that I got help in the 8-years old topic.

PS. By the way, don't you know what is the version of Rockbox firmware in your archive? After installation it shows 5138995M-160309 (and it was mentioned in rockbox-info.txt), but found nothing on the forum with such numeration, only standard 3.15 and similar.

I assume 160309 is the build date. I built it from GIT. So around that date.

3.13 was released in 2013. 3.14 - in 2017.

This puts this particular build somewhere between 3.13 and 3.14 releases.

It might be worth fiddling with building newer versions now that you have a functional bootloader. Since it can boot an image from the SD card (it's supposed to be the original image by default, but I assume you can place another rockbox build there).

Though I suppose memory initialization is done in the bootloader, so builds should probably be built against the original memory size (4mb for this build). I'm very much unsure how it works and this matter is better to be discussed with more knowledgeable people.


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