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iPod Classic 160GB (6G) database problem


Hello my heroes at RockBox!

I have been using my rockboxed iPod Classic 6G for several years now - after some time, I got used to the occasional bugs, hang-ups, USB problems and whatsoever, because the RockBox concept in itself is just too great not to use it. However, today, I forgot to follow the rule "never change a running system".
I thought: well, after a couple of years not doing so, it won't cause any harm to update to the latest build of the iPod Classic firmware in RB Utility, will it?!

The RB database is of incredible value to me, as I am one of the very few people to use the "rating" system within RockBox to categorize my files (as I already mentioned in some other threads).

So what's happened? After updating to the latest build, I also added some more files to my iPod. As always, I started the "Update Now" function in the database menu. Usually, this process is finished after a couple of minutes (max). But what happens since, is that this update process is endless. And nothing ever changes: the new files added to the iPod's storage never show up in the database.

PLEASE tell me there is any solution, or at least an explanation for this problem :-( Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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