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Warning 0000002 when stopping recording, device freezes and file corrupts


I have a SanDisk Clip+
Rockbox Version 3.13

I'm recording files to a 64GB micro SD XC card (FAT32), and usually it works fine. But occasionally when I try to stop the recording by pressing the power button, I get a Warning 0000002 message and the device freezes. I press and hold the power button and I'm taken to a boot screen with a bunch of error messages, and eventually the device turns off and when I turn it back on it's back to normal. The thing is the file I recorded won't open, both on the device and on my computer. The data is there, as I'm able to import it into Audacity and save it as a new file. This has worked for me in the past. Although a couple of times the raw data is sped up 2x faster.

How can I avoid this?

Today when I hit the power button to stop the recording it said the warning but then exited normally and the file was fine.
I find when the battery is below 60% this problem is more likely to happen


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