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H120 Hangs on IRiver Logo - bricked?


So I was trying to flash from Bootloader 6 to 7pre4 last night using the instructions here and it kept saying "incompatible bootloader" after using RoLo and iriver_flash.  So I tried some other stuff, reflashing a manual patched firmware and I'm not sure what happened but something went wrong.

My player now boots to a blank screen (rockbox, no text) and then when I hit the reset button it hangs at the iriver logo.  Could this be a hardware issue or is it bricked?  so bummed....

Thanks for the help!


I would still love to fix this someday... Does anyone have any knowledge of how the RAM/ ROM works for reprogramming with soldering?  I'm very skilled with a soldering iron and I have two other units for parts. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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