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sorry I wanted to answer earlier. If you have no knowledge of embedded systems, it's gonna be tough for you to help with the development. However when (I hope) the port is in early stage, heavy testing and reporting problems is much appreciated.

Is there any info about X3 GPIO's and OLED interface?

short answer: no.
So far I haven't played much with the X3. I sent an email to xDuoo to ask them for the source of the Linux Kernel, but I admit I am not overly confident.
Otherwise, the obvious way to go is to hack the firmware upgrade image to include a custom program (or possibly a remote shell) and basically poke in /sys or /proc to see what kind of information is there. I expect I'll have to do some reverse engineering of binary-only modules anyway but if I could avoid disassembling the kernel that would much better.
For the LCD, the nicest outcome would be to find the exact controller used and get the datasheet but this is not always possible, we'll see how it goes.
Another thing is that they are using uboot, so maybe they display some splash screen from uboot in which case some LCD code will be in uboot, which will be much easier to disassemble (again uboot is GPL but it's not clear if they will provide any source code).

I've checked u-boot and I did not find any LCD/OLED code or any fonts/sprites in it.
This code is somewhere in internal kernel module.

What kind of programmer do you guys need? C++ expert? C?

How about the answers from Xduoo? are they collaborating?

I'd like to apply for beta tester. also for paying some beers to those who can make this possible.


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