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Is Rockbox for the player Xduoo x3?
Maybe someone will take? Now such a stir on the forums!
Built on a powerful processor Ingenic JZ4760B and has an analog DAC CS4398 from Cirrus Logic, and operational amplifiers OPA1612 and LMH6643
More about him can be found here.


--- Quote from: hd321kbps on December 13, 2015, 04:30:20 PM ---Is Rockbox for the player Xduoo x3?

--- End quote ---

No, just the devices on the front page. 

If you're interested in working on rockbox, see:

this is interesting. Me and Marcin Bukat are working on porting Rockbox to the Fiio X1 that uses the JZ4760B, PCM5142 DAC and OPA2322 + ISL28291 amplifiers:

The first step would be to document the player on the wiki, in a similar fashion to the Fiio X1: describe components, upload PCB pictures if you have some. Then try to get the firmware, possibly using a firmware update and try to extract it using our packtools in our repository (utils/jz4760/packtools). You can also come on our IRC channel to discuss: see and my peudo is pamaury.

I have created a wiki page to gather some information about the device, it can be found at I don't have the device so it's all based on the firmware update released.

If someone can add me to the Wiki users group I can edit there directly. No-one was available on IRC.

To get to recovery mode, turn the device off, press and hold the Esc/Home button and plug in a USB cable. The device appears in Windows Device Manager as a JZ4760 USB Boot Device, USB\VID_601A&PID_4760\7&1ea98c86&0&4 USB class FF USB protocol 50 (i.e vendor ID 601A, product ID 4760 as in the wiki). To return to normal operation, disconnect the USB cable and press the recessed reset button on the right side.

To update the device, navigate to TopMenu->Setting->Upgrade->Yes. The new firmware must be a file named '' placed in the root directory of a uSD card formatted with FAT32.


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