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--- Quote from: fennectech on November 07, 2023, 03:35:53 AM ---If anyone is willing to pick this up i will acquire and ship a Fiio X1.    Bluetooth support is optional innitaly but id like to see it in the future

--- End quote ---

Bluetooth isn't going to happen unless we write a complete audio-capable stack from scratch.  There are no 3rd-party stacks available that (1) have the necessary functionality and (2) have compatible licensing.

BTW, it's not access to the hardware that's the problem ((though you can buy brand new rockbox-supported platers for about the same price as a used X1), it's the (at minumum) dozens of hours of focused effort it will take to finish the X1 port.  The X1's core SoC (jz4760) is well supported now thanks to other ports, but all the X1-specific stuff needs to be forward-ported and completed.  Including devising a sane installation mechanism.

I understand there's good mp3 players for the same price, but I have a Fiio X1 (second edition), so it would be nice to be able to use RockBox on that.

Does this answer mean that, although slowly, someone indeed is working on this port?


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