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According to this some models have diffrent hardware. I have X1 with NB code V342b. I wonder how many different X1 models are out there

thanks for this very useful information. My disassembly shows that so far (FW 1.3) there was only one model (parts may vary but are equivalent). I'll have a look at FW 1.4, it is possible they started to use a new lcd and they mention RAM/flash but we'll see if those are really different. Does anyone have one those new X1 ?

I have a M442b, so it has the new parts. In this case, the Fiio comes with 1.6 fw version from factory.

If it is necessary any test, here I am.

Could you, by chance disassemble the player and take photos from the inside to see what is different ? I didn't realise they release FW 1.6 already, they roll out updates quite often !
Otherwise, I'll probably need you for the tests on the LCD when the code is ready because I won't be able to test it on your model.

I've tried to disassemble the player but I've found that I don't have the necessary screwdriver. I have some precision screwdrivers but the Player needs some kind of torx with only five points (all my torx screwdrivers have 6 points) and very, very small. (A bit weird)  :o

Do you know where I can find one of these?


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