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I am sure that the Fiio X1 is a worthy comparison to my Sansa Fuze V1 and V2.
It is excellent that SID and SAP files are supported. It would be fantastic for this to be true for the Fiio X1.

Thank you.

We usually don't answer port requests but it appears you are lucky and we are already investigating the possibility of a port.
At the moment, only reverse engineered and documentation has been done. We can execute code on the device and some information can be found on the wiki.

I recently purchased an X1, and I would love to see the Rockbox port come to fruition.

I am not a developer (I dabble in Python and Bash shell scripting, very little C), but I am comfortable with the Unix command line, building packages from source code, etc.  I have access to Linux, Windows, and Mac machines at home.  I am a business analyst by trade, so I have done my share of documentation and defect reporting.

Is there anything I can do to help in the X1 port, or is it too early for someone not a developer?  How would one get involved in a specific port's development?

I have a X1 too. I'm a web developer so I think my skills aren't enough to help porting rockbox to the X1.

In the oficial forums someone opened a discussion to explain why Rockbox is very interesting in their devices.

Here is the post:

Someone from the technical support called "Yellow" said "they would try their best to realize it" but actually I think that anyone is working on it.

I am working on the port although at the moment there is no code to try or execute, i will upload the wiki and the thread with information as progress is made.


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