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Tool to max out memory clock speeds on Clip Zip?

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Okay, seems like I figured out how to flash it. I noticed memory clock increases dramaticly, but CPU is now clocked aprox. 50mhz lower. Is there anyway to boost it to 240mhz on the CPU?

You mean without editing that patch? No, the CPU speeds are determined at compile time, although maybe higher clock speeds are possible.  Over clocking is left up to you to figure out.

Damn... Is there any easy way to edit it?


--- Quote from: iopiop on September 09, 2015, 08:12:59 PM ---Damn... Is there any easy way to edit it?

--- End quote ---

Define easy.

You need to edit the source code, then compile.  Nothing in the distributed build which you can edit will modify the clocks settings.


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