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I installed RockBox on my Cowon D2 2.57 player; I installed the last build available and I'm encounternig many 'Panic' problem. I would like to try to downgrade to RB ver 3.13, which from the forum I understand should be better for the D2.

My queswtion is: is it enough to download ver 3,13, unzipping it and copyng the directory to the D2 SD Card (overwriting preceding version)? I mean: isn't it necessary to do any Cowon firmare upgrade?

Also: where can I download RB 3.13 for Cowon D2?


Hello corraz,

sadly the latest development builds for Cowon D2 are not working. 3.13 works. This can be downloaded from the downloads/release section on the front page. Sorry, there was never a 3.13 release for the D2.

Changing rockbox versions (up- or downgrade) is really copy and paste and overwrite the .rockbox folder. So you keep your settings in contrast to delete the old folder and install a new one. But save your config.cfg file locally on your computer to be sure.

No cowon firmware upgrade needed. Only if you want to change the bootloader. It must be corresponding your cowon firmware.

I hope the panics can be fixed soon.


Josef K.:
I was looking for 3.13 build for D2, but could not find it anywhere. Could anybody help? The download link would be great...
Thanks in advance!

Hello Josef K.

sorry if my post above was misleading, but there never was a 3.13 release for the D2. Are the latest builds still not working?

You can try a build from 2013 that I still have on my Computer:


Josef K.:
Thanks a lot for this build!
Yes, the latest build I tried is buggy. The player quite often stops and shows this panic message:

--- Code: ---*PANIC*
dc_writeback_callback () - Could not write sector 1 (error -1)
pc: 2005C094 sp: 200B3210
bt end
--- End code ---

I went back to my old RB version (r30997-111116) and everything is OK again. But I wanted to try newer RB version - just to see if there's any progress going on. I liked some UI changes in latest (buggy) build, so I'll try yours.


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