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Toshiba Gigabeat: Bad Checksum won't load


Hello everyone,

I have had my Toshiba Gigabeat MEGX30 for many years now with Rockbox on it the whole time. I have never had any issues up until now. I did not install any new firmware or play with any settings. I merely tried turning it on as usual in the morning.

When I turn on my player, I get an error message with the following info before it shuts off 2 seconds later.
Version r13224: 13225-070421
Loading firmware
Checksum: 3477543
Model name: giga
Loading: rockbox.gigabeat
Bad Checksum: 3477553

Would appreciate any advice to get this fixed. I am bored to tears on my daily commute to/from work without music!

I followed the instructions elsewhere on this site to reformat the Toshiba Gigabeat. Did all the steps as indicated. Removed HDD. Plugged in to USB/PC. Got the expected error message. Put HDD back and restarted. Got the USB screen. However, at this point I was supposed to be able to select my GBSYSTEM files and install back onto the Gigabeat. I had no G:/ drive like I had before so could not put any files into my player. Anyone with some feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

I don't have an X series (I own a F series) so maybe this won't help too much.  But if nothing else changed then I would guess hardware.

Did you happen to have another HDD to test with?  That would be my first suspicion, especially if you've used this for many years as perhaps the drive is failing (and maybe not in an obvious way).   The fact that you took it apart and did the power up / get error / connect drive troubleshooting seems to possibly point in that direction.


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