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eq stopped working/uninstall steps


deleted some playlists folders on my cowon and now my eq won't let me adjust anything....

think it might be best just to uninstall then reinstall rockbox? 

would like to keep all my songs if you can give me step by step uninstall procedure?  thanks

Its in the manual but I doubt uninstalling will help. 

? don't understand if you uninstall and install fresh the problem won't be solved ?

have read some posts as to where to uninstall and leave your audio files...

it seems complicated though?

manually deleting the "rockbox." folder in the d2 and manually unziping the zip file "rockbox-cowond2" (which contains both ".." and "rockbox.") into the d2 files reinstalled while keeping all my files...

it seems the rockbock bootloader fnever left my d2 even though all rockbox files were deleted?

(didn't have to reinstall it for rockbox to reinstall)


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