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Android: Line spacing padding problem


I used to have a build of rasher's android from around 2011. I decided to update to the latest daily build and now all the lines of text are double spaced. I tried looking in the settings and installing a different theme, but the problem remains. How can I change the line spacing/padding?

I'm using 480x800 build if that matters.

I recommend you to uninstall the old one and then install the new one. Also, be sure to check you are using the right screen resolution


Your reply makes zero sense on multiple levels.

The apk signing key never changed, it isn't possible two have more than one version of an application with the same package name and signing key on Android.

Additionally, there is literally no option available to the original poster other than using a build compiled for the hosts native resolution. Nothing else will function. So, yes, while this is important to note the way you presented it makes it seem as though he or she actually has another option, and they don't. It isn't recommended, it is absolutely required.

And I guess it is kinda nit-picky but the original poster pretty clearly used past tense anyway.


Settings, General Settings, Display, Touch Screen Settings, Line Padding In Lists

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