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imod 6g / microsd lexar 64gb - freezes while copying files


I have some issues with transfering files to ipod 6g. So here is the problems I have encountered. Any help would be much appreciated.

-  When I try reformating with EmCore the disk gets corrupted I think (lots of folders with funny signs and it shows that the card is half full)

- Doing format with Easeus seems to be working fine but then there is a problem with copying files (It freezes while copying files).

- I have also tried doing the second format with EmCore after the one I did with Easeus but again the drive is half full and lots of folders with funny signs.

- I was trying to copy files in disk mode, fallback image and rockbox with no luck.

- I have tested it on Win XP and 8.

I`m running out of ideas of what to do with it. I know that some people managed to get rockbox running on imod 6g.

It sounds rather like the adapter, or stack of adapters you're using (there's soooo many possible combinations for solid state late model iPods) is faulty, or perhaps it or the card itself are improperly seated.

There's always the acid test of:
"Does it work in the OF?"

For Windows hosts {re-}install iTunes if you haven't already and then connect the device USB and force the device into DFU mode, iTunes should offer to restore the "damaged" (iTunes essentially thinks the device is inoperable under emCORE because the installation wipes out the original firmware completely) iPod. If it does not offer to do so, but the device is detected, check for a firmware update and hold the Shift key, and it will prompt you to supply a path for an .ipsw (iPod firmware) file. You can retrieve a copy of the original firmware for the device from this location.

For *nix based hosts, you can follow a procedure outlined in the Freemyipod Wiki to restore an iPod Classic without iTunes.

The latter seems somewhat intimidating, but if you managed to install emCORE in the first place you should be more than capable. Have some small comfort in the fact that from a software point of view these devices are essentially indestructible. An end user needs to be deliberately trying, and trying quite hard I might add, to even get to a state where it is only mildly annoying to recover from at best.


First of all thanks very much for all the information and your help. I have RB installed on Fuze v2 and I love it so hopefully I will  be able to solve the problems I`m experiencing at the moment.

I have restored the Ipod before but this time I`m gonna transfer as many files as possible and see how it copes with that amount of data.

Is there any other way that I can check if the adapter and microsd are not faulty?

I have restored the ipod and loaded it with 30gb of music. While transfering files I didn`t experience any issues and the speeds  were quite good I must say.

Instalation of different EmCore releases didn`t solve the problem. I often end up with data corruption when trying to reformat partition with EmCore.

So I`m stuck at the moment and haven`t got a clue what else can be done to solve the issue.

Refreshing. Has no one got any idea?


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