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How to exit plugins?

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Hey, I just got a 4GB iPod nano, and I immediately installed rockbox firmware into it (actually I only purchased the thing after hearing about rockbox support!) and I gotta say, you guys are doing a wonderful thing and I really appreciate it.

My problem is there doesn't seem to be any way to exit plugins such as snake2, other than to shut down or reboot the player. I've tried every button available including flicking the hold-button, which seems to work with doom. Am I just too dumb to figure it out or is there no way? ???

Try holding the buttons for a few seconds.  On the 5G video, it's always Menu or Select.  Dunno if the Nano has those buttons (never seen one)

Thanks for the reply. Yeah nano has those buttons too. I think I've tried that, too though. But I'll give it a try to make sure. If anybody has any other ideas, they are more than welcome.

I gave it a try, I tried pressing every single button for a few seconds both when the game was running, when it was on pause and when it was at game over/start. Didn't work.

Try combinations of buttons like select+menu or select+play.

Exit buttons are different for each plugin. The default tends to be menu, but it can be changed by the plugin creator. For snake2, it is select+menu. Check the PDF manual for your player when it doubt. They are availible here.


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